Laeveld Agrochem is committed to offering outstanding products, combined with expert advice and high-calibre personal attention at every level. Everything we do is aimed at helping our clients become and remain increasingly and sustainably profitable. 

Located in the pollution-free Waterberg, Limpopo, we are a business group dedicated to produce Quality Organic Fruit and Vegetables. We envision a future of making Organic products available in every home. Our Mission is to produce Quality Organic Fruit and Vegetables through sustainable practices. The business has been family owned since establishment, and is currently managed by the 4th generation, since the business was established.

Hygrotech was created in 1984 and originated from a company called Roode Lyon, which was well known in the vegetable seed and agricultural industries of South Africa. Hygrotech pioneered the development of F1 hybrids in the SA vegetable industry. Thus its name stands for: HY -HYBRID GRO -GROWING TECH -TECHNOLOGIES