Using Wetting Front Detectors (WFD) as a Cheap and Easy Way to Manage Water and Nutrients in Macadamias – Dr. Theunis Smit

When it comes to managing water and nutrients in macadamias, we are often left with two options. We either have to spend a fortune on high-end equipment to help us manage our resources or we simply neglect to monitor water and nutrient use. Fortunately, some basic and inexpensive tools are available to help growers manage [...]

Irrigation and Water Management During Flowering

By Theunis Smit, White River Macadamias, and many other fruit trees tend to flower in spring, a season which is characterized by moderate temperatures, varying degrees of wind and more often than not a significant lack in rainfall.  Not only is rain scarce during spring, it is also the driest part of the year considering [...]