Kernel Specifications

AmberMacs Pty. Ltd processes a wide range of kernel styles and can work with customers to supply specific requirements or combinations of styles. The factory is FSSC22000-certified and FDA accredited and all finished product is vacuum-packed in nitrogen-flushed foil packaging by industry standard weight of 11.34kg per carton box, giving it an 18-month shelf life.

Carton dimensions: 360mm x 228mm x 228mm. 1404 cartons per 20’ container.


Style 0 +20mm with min 95% wholes

Style 1 16-20mm with 95% wholes

Style 1s 13-16mm with 95% wholes

Style 2 13-19mm 50% wholes (style 1s), 50% halves (4L)

Style 4L 13-19mm 80% halves

Style 4R 9-14mm 80% halves

Style 5 9-12mm pieces (Minimum 80%)

Style 6 6-9mm chips and pieces (min 80%)

Style 7 3-6mm chips and pieces (min 80%)

Style 8 Pieces smaller than 3 mm 

Premium Grade

All of the above, clear, unblemished and of premium quality for human consumption raw. 

Commercial Grade

Kernel containing discolouration, onion ring and 791 spot and immature. To be used in food ingredients. May not be sold as snack products/first/premium/choice grade and be labelled as commercial grade. Not more than 2% industrial grade.

Industrial Grade

Kernel with defects such as insect damage which are not suitable for human consumption – only to be used for oil processing and cosmetic products etc. To be labelled as industrial grade. Not allowed to be sold in retail

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