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Located in the Macadamia heartland of South Africa

3000 MT 

processing capacity

GLOBAL GAP farming practices

FSSC22000 certified facility

Sustainable farming

100% kernel for export

800 MT storage silos

Our receiving and drying process:

Young Macadamia trees

Macadamia trees take 3-5 years to reach fruition and can produce nuts for over fifty years. there are many varieties and require quite a specific set of temperatures and soil conditions to flourish.

Receiving facility

After macadamia nuts are harvested, they are de-husked and sorted for size before being conveyed into our drying silos where they will be subjected to gentle continuous heat for a period of ten days to two weeks.


Macadamia are collected from our farmers already de-husked, then loading into a giant hopper on scales to be weighed before being conveyed into one of our 100MT drying silos.

After two weeks in the drying silo, macadamia nuts are ready to be processed by conveyor into the cracking room where kernel and shell are separated, sorted by size, then vacuum-packed for export.

Please call us for all enquiries on:

(27) 013 751 2326