Integrity and vitality in partnership with the best macadamia farmers in the world

In partnership with over 100 of the best macadamia farmers in the world, Ambermacs is a community of virtuous growth, integrity and mutual interdependence. We look after the environment and each other and together produce the highest quality macadamias in the world.

Mpumalanga, the macadamia heartland of South Africa

AmberMacs is a privately-owned macadamia processing plant situated in White River, Mpumalanga, at the heart of South Africa‚Äôs largest macadamia growing region. The factory is FSSC22000-certified and FDA-registered and our farmers are GLOBALGAP approved. 

We exclusively farm, process, pack and export raw macadamia kernels to the international community. AmberMacs sources nuts from it's own farmland as well as neighbouring farms and we pride ourselves on our commitment to timely payments, reliable delivery schedules for our buyers and excellent quality for our customers.

AmberMacs has recently installed 10 state-of-the-art crackers four new optical sorters and can process 3000MT of DNIS (Dry-Nut-In-Shell) per year. The factory has storage capacity for 800 MT of DNIS and is strategically located at a geographical nexus making deliveries and collections amply convenient for all farmers in the region.

AmberMacs values its relationships with farmers above all else and this is reflected in our partnerships with some of the highest quality growers in the area as well as our technical support and guidance for smaller, up and coming farmers. 

cracking & sorting


Optical sorting

Young macadamia trees